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Can anyone advise on a silent PCI-E graphics card? I've always used Matrox cards in the past and I was planning to put a P650 into the new PC I'm building for my wife but I notice that it has a cooling fan on the PCI-E version. I assume that this is because it has more memory than the AGP version. I want to go PCI-E because I don't expect AGP to be around for too many more years and I may need an upgrade at some point in the future.

The only requirements for the machine are that it will run Creative Studio CS2 well (especially Photoshop) and that it is silent. All the other bits I'm pulling together will mean the box should just sit there with only the front light giving any indication that it is on. I've never found graphics card fans to be anything but noisy though (an old Matrox I had many years ago was pretty bad for this) and so I'm reconsidering the choice of card.

All the other cards out there seem to be aimed 100% at gamers and the ATI and nVidia cards that the kids have are brilliant for 3D but are just awful for 2D.

Any suggestions? What graphics do you all use out there? I'm not up to spending a fortune here but the original budget could just cover the P650 which is £170 in the UK.

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