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Sorry for the confusion above. Here's what I'm trying to do which may be a strategy question as well as software. I have a home PC and a work laptop. I have more time on the road to work and edit on my laptop than I do at home. I have just been saving photos at home but have done nothing in PS Elements on my home PC.

So, I loaded PS Elements on my work laptop as well and have been tagging photos, editing, creating categories etc on the plane, however, #1 - space is limited on the laptop and #2 - I want to save all of this at home as I may not have this laptop forever. Thus, can I export all of my photos, edits, tags, categories etc from my laptop to my home PC whenever i'm ready and have that system as the master or basically the system I will have forever?

Is there a better way to save photos to my work laptop than on the hard drive? I have external drives and may link to them but am wondering what others do in this situation.
thx in advance
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If I understand you correctly, the answer is yes but,I don't personally use my lap to to do any editing, only temporary storage, viewing and deleting,and maybe just a little keystroke kind of stuff. I believe that when you move a photo all the data original and created goes with it. I always save an original and have a separate copy to edit.If you want all the image data to remain from copy to copyI think I would save it as a .tif file.Bigger but better.

I back up all my images on CD's or DVD's (much more space) after I am through with editing. I don't know how much work you do with photoshop but I will tell you that Elements is a great little program but not one you'll want to use forever. Eventually you will want to do something Elements wont do.I faked it for a while and then finally had tostep up to the pump for Photoshop. Now here is what I have to say>>>DO NOT STORE PHOTOS ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. Do your editing and BACK THEM UP!! Hope this helps.

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