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Hi, I'm in the middle of trying to make a collage for my girlfriend for Christmas. I have Adobe Photoshop CS and Adobe photoshop elements 4.0. I have 10-25 pictures of me and my girlfriend that I have edited in photoshop CS and I just need something to like lay them out the way I want them because I'm going to print a poster size (approx 28 by 32 inches) with foam board and photo paper. Even better yet, I wanted to do something really sweet, like a mosaic or whatever with all of the pictures, but when you look at the pictures, something pops out, like "Together Forever" Or a Heart in the background that makes up the pictures, Ect. It's hard to explain myself but I just cant seem to find the right software. I thought photoshop did everything but I just dont see where to start in here. Time is counting down, any suggestions? Thanks.
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Photoshop can do MORE than you desire...:lol:

So now you are faced with the delemma of learning how to use the program...

I am not an expert with PS, so the way I would do this is probably slow and cumbersome. But I would create a new image as my background, and then load the other images into this new one - Cutting out the figures of my girlfriend and I. Each copy will become a new "layer."

If I wanted aspects of the back ground to show, I would mask them off, so that what I copied onto them would be in the back. You can also MOVE and rearrange layers.

There is probably a MUCH BETTER way of doing this.

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Is it possible that what you're looking to do is the thing called 'Photomosaic' ?? Keep in mind you'd need a LARGE photo collection to get great results, but if it's what interrests you, the first few links in the following google search will get you all kind of software, some free, some commercial and some shareware...

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One thing you might want to play with is "smart objects". You can select a single layer or a group of layers and turn them into a smart object. What this does is take the layers and puts them into a new file while leaving an instance of that file in your working file. When you do this, you can manipulate the smart object in a way similar to how you would manipulate a bitmap in a vector program like Illustrator since it is a linked file. You can rescale the image to make it really small, then enlarge it later and all the detail is still there. If you double click on it, you can make changes to the linked file. You can also apply masks to the smart object.

The only drawback is that it can get a bit slow, so you should probably have a good amount of ram.
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You might want to try EasyCollage: http://easycollage.com

EasyCollage is so easy to use that you will be creating stunning compositions of your photos in next to no time!

Good luck,

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