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Default Adobe Photoshop Color Profile quesiton

This question has to do with the color profiles of Adobe Photoshop 7.

I have been takeing some pictures with a new Nikon D100, and set the color mode to II Adobe RGB. When I open the images (JPG fine quality) in PS7, I am prompted with the following message for each image I open:

The document DCS-xxxx.JPG has an embedded color profile that does not match the current RGB color space.

Embedded: Nkion Adobe RGB
Working: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

How you you want to proceed?
1. Use the embedded profile (instead of the workspace0
2. Convert the document's colors to the workspace
3. Discard the embedded profile (don't color manage)
If I choose option 1, the image comes into PS7 with nice warm colors, HOWEVER, when I save-for-web, all the colors go cold - rather bluish.

If I choose option 2, the image appears to have the same warm colors, and so does the image when saving-for-web

If I choose option 3, the image comes in cold (bluish) and saves-for-web the same.

Obviously, option 3 is out of the question.

I thought option 1 was the way to go, but I am disturbed that I lose color when saving for web.

Somehow option 2 seems in my mind to defeat the purpose of setting the camera to Adobe RGB.

Can someone explain what is going on? And what I should do?

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That seems odd. If both your camera and Photoshop are set to Adobe RGB, the box that asks you to reassign colorspace shouldn't be popping up at all. I always shoot in NEF and have never had it show up...so I just tried a couple of JPEGS. No problem at all, the image opened straight away with no dialogue boxes.

How are you getting the images from the camera? If you're using an editor's download from CF utility, it may be reassigning the color space. Try copying your DCIM file straight from the CF card to your desktop and opening with Photoshop from there.

Another possibility is that you've changed your default colorspace from Adobe RGB in Photoshop at some point. An easy way of going back to the starting point is to find the folder "photoshop 7.0 prefs" and delete it. (Wouldn't hurt to back it up first). It will reset your preferences to their defaults.
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JimS is right. If you have set Photoshop as AdobeRGB, there wouldn't be any popup
The document DCS-xxxx.JPG has an embedded color profile that does not match the current RGB color space.

Embedded: Nikon Adobe RGB
Working: sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Your quote actually said the working space was sRGB IEC61966-2.1, the standard Photoshop default! Go to Edit/Color Settings and change your Photoshop preference setting to AdobeRGB in order to match the camera.

Conversely you can change your D100 to the smaller sRGB color mode and keep Photoshop at default (ie no popup either)

Option 2 is right for you because Photoshop converted the AdobeRGB output from the camera to the working sRGB color space of Photoshop and everything from then on is kept at the standard PC sRGB space.

Option 1 is hard to say since you didn't indicate what the rest of the Color Management Policies are in Photoshop as your preference/default? Photoshop will switch the working space to AdobeRGB which is the same colorspace as the output from the camera and will display correctly on any sRGB only display, but all bets are off from then on until one also knows what the Color Management Policies selected are... (ie again in the preference setup).

Both of the above options would have worked for you if your workflow is consistent from start to finish. Option 3 will be totally wrong however: A color digital value in one colorspace does not map one to one from one space to another (AdobeRGB to sRGB). Very much like transfering a Farenheit reading to Celsius without the proper conversion, which is what #3 does. It just imports the raw three numerical color values of the picture with two different meanings from one colorspace to another! ops:

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Thanks for the reply..
it seems my photoshop color default was not set up to match the images from the camera. I corrected the setting and all is fine now.

Thanks again!
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if you changed you PS default to Adobe RGB to match your camera's color space it still won't help with cold web images. The problem is with web browsers: they do not read profiles, just send RGB values from image file to the monitor. Usually it works much better for sRGB files than for Adobe RGB ones. The way to go is to convert your images to sRGB befores saving them for web.
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