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I don't get it. I've been using PSP6 for years in a very casual knuckle-draggin dont-know-what-this-software-does kind of way, but just lately I've been using it to post process my images using levels adjustment, unsharp mask, and crop. I also use the clone brush and occasionally expieriment with other tools.

That said, I feel since I'm actually using it now I need to buy my own current copy, since I dont have $600 for full blow photoshop I'm looking at elements 4 and PSP-X.

I'm getting nowhere with reviews. Generic daft comments such as "yeah, its good and just a little less featured than photoshop!" help me not. There are also a lot of negative comments on elements 4, and the description talks about "entertaining" and "cool" features while forgetting to mention usefull things like levels adjustment. Argg.

Question 1: If starting from scratch, is elements 3 better than 4? Or is version 4 just a disapointing upgrade, causing the negative reviews (see amazon)? (I'm shopping ebay and amazon, both versions are availible)

Question 2: Considering the lightweight editing I do (described above), am I going to give up anything from PSP6? Are there any missing features in elements that I will yearn for?

Question 3: Can adobe elements open Minolta raw files from my A1 and future 5D?

Ideally I'd like to hear from someone who is familiar with PSP6 and can give a few generic comparisons to the new crop of software, its the only program I am familiar with.
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I have been using Corel Photpaint for years. However I just aquired a copy of Photoelements 2 with a film scanner. Figured I would play with it, and man, I love it. I played with PS7 but the interface was a little too much for me. I always figured is was more that any of them will do what you want, just learn one and stick with it. But I think I am going to ditch my Photopaint and go to elements. I was going to upgrade to 4. Maybe not reallying answering your questions, but I was pretty amazed at how easy elements was to learn with a few internet tutorials (google it) and a little knowledge from photopaint.
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my two cents - elements can open 5D's RAW fiels. I f I am correct there is a need for small download to update the program but there is no problem with reading Minolta's RAW files.
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I discovered a trial download on the adobe site (350mb!), in a nutshell - wow. Its dang slow, but for the most part seems to do everything I want. Some of the newer features are really slick, and it opens my A1 raw files. I don't know what the full blown PS does, but at its price I'd rather not know.
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There's a photo editor forum down near the bottom of the forum's list. Poke around that a little and you'll be able to find some info, particularly about PS Elements.

I've used PSP since around version 3 or so, maybe earlier. I have 9 now. I can't remember all the significant upgrades, but PSP is usually better than photoshop in terms of actually giving you something worthwhile in the upgrades.

On a side note, you should look into making histogram adjustments in your image. It's pretty easy, and it can make a big difference. My general photo enhancement process includes, if necessary: croping/resizing, histogram adjustment, color/saturation adjustments, sharpening, and noise reduction. Several of those steps are frequently applied to selections, not the entire image.

Just my opinion. I'm not a professional.
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Jasc (now Corel) offers great upgrade deals to PSP 9.x for any owners of any prior PSP.

Call them
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