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I shoot with a Canon 20D and I take a LOT of photos. Only recently have I had a need to do much resizing and I want to know the best and quickest way to do it.

I tried PixResizer but found it downgrades the quality too much. It's fast, but I need the images to retain the highest quality possible. Typically I'm resizing from 3504x2336 (the 20D's highest jpeg setting) to something around 1200x800 or 800x600, approximately.

As far as Photoshop I only have the Elements 2.0 version that came with my camera. I'm not real adept at Photoshop and I don't see an easy way to batch resize, or maybe I saw it but it wanted to change the file format, I think that was it. I need to keep them jpegs.

Or maybe there's another program out there (free, preferably) that you recommend?

Thanks in advance...........

Rob K
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Irfanview is competent and free. The batch resize is sophisticated enough that it will maintain proportions and make your longest side a selected size in pixels. So that your normal shots would end up 800 pixels wide and 600 high and your shots taken vertically would end up 600 wide and 800 tall. Unless you crop yours will end up 800 X 533 though since your images are in a 3;2 ratio. It will also crop to a given size if you really need 4:3 images, but I think that particular job is done easier in Elements.

It will do a whole folder or you can open an image and go Edit > Thumbnails. Hold the Ctrl key while you select the thumbs you want resized and you can batch resize only those. It is nice that you can increase the size of the thumbs to make sorting easier.

I use Irfanview for many things even though I am reasonably competent in Photoshop. Install the plug-ins as well as the program. www.irfanview.com

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try the AcdSee 8. is a good software to do simple editing like resize, convert file format, turn photo to 90/180 degree.......

i used photoshop to do editing but will use ACDSee to resize and view. found that it really easy to view photo then the bridge it the CS2.

For resizing, it can "select all" and apply it once.
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IrfanView and XNView are both good choices and free. Another option is the Microsoft Image Resizerpowertoy available here:


It resizes to standard or custom sizes. Quality is very good too. You can select and resize in explorer from a right-click menu.
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Quickest and Easiest Batch resizing...

Microsoft Windows Powertoy. It is free. All you have to do is right click on the icon of the picture in the folder, select the resize resolution you want, and windows will do the rest.

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