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Basically I want to know if there is any software or some technique (like something in Photoshop) where you can take multiple pictures of the same area and stack them, but instead of simply averaging them, have it remove pixels that are anomalous.

Perhaps this example will explain what I want. Lets say you wanted to take a picture of a marketplace, but there is just too many people around. However, if you took, say, 50 pictures, you would have all bits and pieces of everything in all of the pictures, so all the information is there, but in each there would be different parts blocked by moving people.

What i want the software to do is analyze all those pictures, and then average out the pixels that do not contain the non-moving parts of the picture.

Just in case this still isn't clear to people, this is how the "thought" process would be. It would look at a the same pixel (or more likely, a small group of pixels) on each picture, and lets say that on 60% of the pictures they are almost all the same (lets say it is gray), and on the rest of the picture they are different (blue, yellow, red, pink, etc). It would then ignore the different colors and only consider the 60% that were gray.

It is currently possible to be done by hand if you have a LOT of spare time, but it would be so much nicer if software could do it for you.

So if anyone knows of any software that can do this (free would be great) please let me know
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I think NASA or the CIA are the only people who would have software like this:?
If there is any, I've never heard of it, so I think its down to manual labour:-?

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hi Blinblue if you go to google type in dpreview when the screen comes up scrole down and click on forum scrole again and click on retouching it a great site they will be able to help, you may have to regester, it is free.

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Max Lyon's Image Stacker software has some customization settings that may get you closer to what you are looking for.


You may even try shooting him an e-mail and explain what you are looking for. If this doesn't exist in his software I have to imagine that selecting the most common value for each pixel would be a straight forward addition to the software that he might be willing to make.
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This might be done, but I don't think the results would be very satisfactory. Consider that, in an outdoor picture, if you take a series of exposures over sufficient time for alll the people moving around to be averaged out, the sun wil have moved enough to change the light and shadows.

One bit of software that can do something like this, is the HDR tool in Photoimpact. It does have an 'auto' setting for removing artifacts, but generally, the work needs to be done manually, by brushing out the unwanted parts in each layer.

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