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Hello all, I want to send an image to pixmania for printing large size (black and white). I am limited to sending a maximum file size of 8mb. My problem is that as soon as I open a 6mb jpeg in photoshop it becomes a 20mb approx image. How can I open the image, change it to bw with the channel mixer and then save it back to an 8mb image without using so much jpeg compression that it ruins the quality. For information: I want to produce an image that is 583mm wide by 393mm tall. Pixmania offer a poster printing service that is 755mm wide by 508mm tall. Therefore I need to place a smaller version of my image within this size so that it prints out correctly (with a border that I can later crop in framing. I hope this makes some sense to someone. How can I achieve this whilst maintaining maximum quality and still staying under 8mb? Thanks for any help.

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the way i make an image the size im mbs or kbs i want it to be is to change the resolution this will show u the size straight away in mbs or kbs

thats in image/size/then resolution.

not saying its the ultimate way but its the way i do it

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I presume, your photo is a jpeg. the file itself is a compressed image file. as soon as you open it with e.g. Photoshop, it decompresses the file to allow changes.
But you should get a similar file size to your photo when you save it as a jpeg again after you made your changes.
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Simply do a series of "Save as ..." named somthing like BW01, BW02, ... with different compression settings. Look at the size of the files and pick the one that comes in just under 8M. That file size is not going to have much compression.

In other words, do some experimenting and you will figure it out real quick.
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Thanks for the responses guys. I did just as you suggested BillDrew and it worked fine. Comparing the original with the b/w recompressed version there is virtually no difference. Thanks again,Jonathan
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