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The original of the accompanying picture in PSD format. I used Photoshop (Elements) to cut & paste each colored square, one after another, onto the black background.

I understand that each of the colored squares (while the file is in PSD format) is called a 'layer'.

I notice that if I move any of the colored squares, they will cover some of the other squares, but disappear underneath others. For example, when I move the orange square, it goes underneath the green, turquoise and magenta ones, but over the others.

I'd like to learn how make - for example - the orange square go over the green square, but under the blue square.

I tried re-numbering the layers, but either that doesn't work, or I didn't do it right.

I've searched the Internet for an answer, but can't find anything. Is there a site that explains it, or a book that explains how to do it? Is it even possible?

(I wish I could post the original PSD file but the site doesn't accept them - and I don't think the JPEG version that I'm posting contains any of the layer information).
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Do you have the Layers Pallette open on the right side of screen? It should show the relative position of the layers. There may also be a little padlock icon, indicating the layer is locked. If this is the case, you have to unlock it before you can move it, After this, you should be able to move the layers into any order you wish.

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Just to expand on what Brian said....to move a layer in the stack, click/hold and drag the layer to where you want it.

The only layer that can't actually be moved in the stack is the Background Layer, which is partially locked by default. To change this, double click on the background layer and in the dialog box either enter a name (which you should do for all layers if you have several, to keep better track of them), or just click OK to call it layer 0. This layer can now be moved in the stack too. Though generally the background layer is not required to be moved in the stack, after all, it's the background

The reason for 'unlocking' the background layer in this way is to actually make it an editable layer and consequently it can be treated the same way as other layers, being affected by all filters etc, if you wish to use them.

Locking the position of a layer is a little confusing in that it doesn't lock the layer in the stack, but locks whatever is on the layer. So if that option is selected, you cannot move anything within that layer, but you can move it up or down the stack.

So, to do what you want, click/hold/drag to the position, checking which is above which layer until you have the required sequence.

HopeI've made thatclear enough 8).
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Brian & Steve,

Wow! I'd been tearing my hair out with frustration - and now I can do what I wanted.

As the old saying goes - "It's easy when you know how."

Thanks again for explaining.

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