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using photoshop cs2. what is the best way to enlarge pictures? Any general rule of thumbs (I start with 8mp)

thanks for your time,
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Luminous Landscape suggests a single upsample to about 20% larger than you want with Bicubic Smoother and a resize back to your target size with Bicubic Sharper.

Many people say that a single resample with Bicubic Smoother is better than straight Bicubic. I've run some tests and both the Genuine Fractals plug-in and stepped interpolation (SI) work better than Bicubic Smoother.

If you have plenty of RAM I find SI to give the best upsamples. You increase the size in small increments using straight Bicubic. I use 2% increases but 5% works almost as well and is a lot faster. It sounds non-intuitive but it works.

I have an action with five 2% increases and another action with four of the first action. Unless you have a LOT of RAM I would suggest 5% increases instead for 8Mp images. There isn't a reason to hit an exact number of pixels. Your printer is going to resample whatever you send it when I spools the print job. You just want to make sure you have enough.

If you are sending an image out for a large print consult with them before doing any upsample. Many prefer that you not upsample at all and let them do it.

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there is a plug in called photo zoom what does a great job it takes time to reprosses the image though deepending on speed of your pc

i have used it a few times and am happy with results
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