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I am new to manipulating images. I have Photoshop Elements 3 and PhotoImpression. I am trying to do a composite photo for my eBay site that will be a single jpeg. I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to do this. All the terms that I can think of [mixed, composite, blend, etc.] in searches in the programs and on the web, return absolutely nothing. Someone did one for me and emailed it to me, but cannot [or will not] tell me how she did it. There has to be a way to make a single jpeg out of three or four individual jpegs without resorting to scissors, glue, prints, and a scanner. Please help if you can. Toby
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Elements 3 has a tutorial titled "Harnessing the Power of Layers", which should get you started. Look also at the help topic about Selections. Basically, you select all or part of an image, and import it as a layer, position it as necessary. Repeat for other parts you want, then flatten all layers to save as .jpg.

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layers is definitely the way to do it. Try that tutorial and then come back with any more questions.

It isn't hard to do once you understand layers.

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Thank you very much! If I have any problems I'll post again.
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I use The PrintShop for this, because I'm not too proficient with layers, etc.

I just import the pictures into the document workspace. I arrange them the way I want them to look, select each of the images and group them. Then I export the group as a jpeg file. It may be simplistic, but it works!
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If I have, say, 4 pictures, each 800x600 & want to combine them, I usually follow follow these steps -

1. Enlarge one of the pictures to just over twice the size - say 1700 x 1275. Save it with a new name. I usually call it 'Frame'.

2. Use Photoshop's brightness & contrast function to make this picture called 'Frame' entirely black.

3. Open the 4 pictures in Photoshop. Then, with one of the pictures, - Click on "Select" then on "All" & then on "Copy"

4. Now click on the picture called "Frame" & click on "Paste" The picture will appear in the centre of the 'Frame". Then use the "Move" tool to drag the picture to the corner where you want it.

5. Repeat the process in 3 & 4 for each of the other 3 pictures.

6. Now you have all 4 pictures combined.

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