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Hi Guys,

Apologies for this question which i know must seem pretty ridiculous but I cant find Adobe Bridge!

I've only just recently upgraded from elements to CS2 so am a complete noob with this software. After installing CS2, after checking in program files I only seem to have the following installed:

- Adobe Help Center
- Adobe Image Center CS2
- Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition 3.0
- Adobe Photoshop CS2

Where on Earth is Adobe Bridge? Have i missed ticking an option or something during Installation or am i missing a cd?

Please Help!
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Adobe Bridge should have installed automatically.

First of all, go to your All Programs list, right click on any program and choose 'Sort by name'. This will put everything in alphabetical order, you may have just missed seeing it in the list.

All programs with a sub menu will be listed first, then it starts again with the rest. Adobe Bridge should be near the beginning of the second section.

Next, open Photoshop CS2 and the Adobe Bridge icon/shortcut should be at the top of the screen immediately before the Brushes, Tool Presets and Layer Comps tabs.

If it's there....click it !

If not, or it doesn't load Bridge, then the best thing to do is to re-install CS2.

If you havven't already, try closing Photoshop and restarting it, but I think you may need to install it again.

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Thanks for the help!

I've managed to sort things though! I reinstalled photoshop but again no bridge, although I could see the icon next to bruheses etc, only when I clicked it nothing happened (bridge was not listed in programs!)

I did a search of the Cd's and eventually found a seperate installer for bridge, installed and now everythingis working. Must have been scripting error in the installation.

Oh well, i'm prepared to let Adobe off as i have to hand it to them cs2 is looking pretty smart!
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