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early on the D100 was set as a default sRGB which many photos have embedded.
now as i open them... im being asked whether to discard, convert etc want to be in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space. 1-What would you recommend i do when i get that mismatch.
My photos will be printed and from what im told need Adobe RGB not SRGB

2-has there been irreversible i daresay damage or limitations to my photos if they are embedded with sRGB and then converted in photoshop to Adobe RGB?

thanks alot
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The Adobe RBG color space is popular with photographers (especially if they plan to print their work) due to its wide color gamut. If you want to set Adobe RBG as your default working space press Shift-Control-K to bring up the Color Settings dialog.
In the Working Spaces section, from the RGB pop-up menu, choose Adobe RGB (1998) then click OK.

My camera's color space is sRGB and when I open them in PS I always choose the Convert Colors to Working Space option. If you use the Save As command to save your edited files, you should still have your original unaltered file, too.

Does the color space conversion harm the image? Well, fans of the sRGB color space might say so, but for all practical purposes I doubt it. Many, many pros do this all the time -- this is how they make money, so I think that if there were a significant downside, they wouldn't be doing it. Anyway, you should still have the original file when you're done playing in PS.

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.....And in the same settings dialog, make sure the box for Profile mismatches : Ask when opening is unchecked.

You won't get the annoying question come up each time you open a file !

Though with my A2, I have it set to record in Adobe RGB and not sRGB
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