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I just recieved the CD from coral installed it and may i say that it isfantastic, a heck of alot better than photoshop CSthat i have easier too. And for only 100 euro..
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It ain't bad indeed.

While there are a few things 'toshop will do that Paint Shop Pro won't, they aren't essentials. And then, most of the time, you could do it anyway, albeit it's a different process.

Gotta love the simplicity and the (helpfull) help files, though! For the price, it's VERY good value.
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I've been used to using old versions of paint shop pro. So, is it worth sticking to what i know and getting PSP-X or should i try to learn photoshop ?
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PSP-X is indeed a great value, much better than Photoshop Elements IMO. If you only shoot in JPEG this is everything you need. However, CS2 has some important advantages if you are a RAW shooter. First and foremost it has much better 16 bit/channel support. In PSP-X only about half of the filters work in 16 bit mode, for instance Levels (histogram adjustment in PSP) doesn't. Second, PSP-X despite the claims of increased speed, is still considerably slower, especially handling large 16 bit TIFF files.
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I also like PSPx a lot, I don't have PSCS but I use PS7, the only think lacking that I need/want is the ability to convert color space like PS does, I normally do all my processing in aRGB and the convert to sRGB for web posting and I can't do that in PSPx. If it wans't for that I think I'd be using PSPx exclusively by now.
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