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I'm interested in using HDR with my landscape photography. I know the general concept behind it, and using my tripod to get multiple exposures of the same image is the easy part. But where would I start on the software side of things?

I currently use Photoshop CS2 for basic post-processing. I know CS2 has a built-in HDR function, but do people find better results using another HDR application, such as Photomatrix?

Also, since I shoot with a Nikon, I would be shooting in the NEF format. I notice some programs only allow HDR while using RAW. Would I have to convert from NEF to RAW format before creating an HDR image? Would that require yet another software application?

I'm ready to do my time in front of a computer, but I'm also looking for ease of use as well.

Any thoughts or suggestions about how to get started in HDR photography would be much appreciated.
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There is no such thing as a generic RAW format (well Adobe is trying to push their DNG format for that).

Each maker has their own propiriatery raw formats, NEF is raw for Nikon, CR2 is raw for Canon.

Photomatrix from hdrsoft is much easier to use than the stuff built into photoshop cs2. Their tone mapping extraction from HDR to displayable/printable files is also very good.
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Okay, I was under the assumption that "RAW" was an actual format. Thanks for clarifying.
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I use Photoimpact for HDR. It's built in to PI 10 and 11. It requires exposures varying in shutter speed only, and has the capability for you to create a cusom profile for your camera. When all is copacetic, it produces excellent results, but it doesn't do very well at image registration if there is much movement in the scene.

I have a HDR of a covered bridge up on my photobucket site in the landscapes/foliage gallery. See my profile for address.

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