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Ok, I'm new to the site so if I'm doing this all wrong or putting it in the wrong place, plz forgive me...

I have a DCR-TRV 480 Handycam and I'm using the Picture Package 1.5 software. Yesterday I figured out how to create DVD's using home movies and was THRILLED! The only problem was thatI kept getting an error that said my entire vidoe couldn't be downloaded because I was low on space on my C Drive. I attempted to compress the drive last night and today, when I do the EXACT same thing I did yesterday, my video is getting all chopped upin the capture mode. I can't think of any settings that have been changed so I have no idea what to do about it. WhenI connect to the USB Streaming it works fine, it's only when I click on "capture" that it breaks it up.

PLEASE, if you have any idea what the heck happened or whatI should try it will be GREATLY appreciated. I'm going out of my mind trying to figure it out...
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I have 2 ideas, of course niether of them may be any good. :roll:

I haven't used Picture Package but this may help.

First, you say when you are in capture mode the video is choppy, when you play that video back after capture is it still choppy? Some times while video is being captured it may appear choppy while watching but since it's a digital transfer then all the data is actually there.

Second, you said you compressed the hard drive. I know in the past this has caused problems with many programs. Compressing the drive could be causing the choppy video as well. When a drive is compressed it takes all the data and makes is as compact as possible and in order to access the drive and data, the computer has to decompress it to view it.

That's my 2 cents, I hope it may help a little.

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to make a dvd u need tons of space, how much depends on the size of file u are capturing, but it needs to be caught at its highest setting, as a dvd holds 4.5 gig you need that minimum free, plus u could do with more if you are edititing etc, and i suspect that the software will not make the footage dvd compliant as it captures it so u will need yet more space to make the footage dvd compliant

best way to capture too is with firewire if your cam as a firewire port, u may need a firewire card in your pc too

how much space have u got free on your drive and how big is it??

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My guess is that, when you chose to compress the contents of your C dirve, you applied the compression in such a way that the video stream that you are captuing is also being compressed as it is acquired. The added overhead of the compression is screwing up your video. My suggestions:

1. Apply compression to some of the crap you have on your disk that you can't bring yourself to delete, but that you don't really use much. Do NOT apply it to any directory that you may be streaming into.

2. Defrag your drive.

If these things don't make the difference, I'm stumped.

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