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In determining a lens' characteristics, there's always a weak point somewhere. Which is easiest and hardest to correct in something like Photoshop Elements: Barrel/Pincushion distortion, Vignettes, Chromatic Aberation, Resolution...? Thanks.
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Barrel distortion and pincussio are falling off a log easy. Download the freeware plug-in PT Lens. It reads the EXIF and makes a correction based on the focal length and your particular lens if your camera and/or lens is in the database. CS2 has a correction but most people prefer PT Lens for simple work and PT Tools for more advanced work.

Most vignetting you get from cameras doesn't distract from the image. Old pros often slightly darkened the corners to give images impact. Unless you are copying a document or something it isn't a big deal. You could probably even it out pretty well with Shadow/Highlight if you wanted.

Vignetting caused by using an inappropriate focal length with certain adapters is difficult to impossible to correct. Cropping is the only solution.

The latest version of Photoshop has a correction for CA and purple fringing. I think it just turns it light gray. I have CS and use color select if it is particularly annoying.

I have no idea what you are talking about with resolution. If it isn't there you can't fake it. You can make an image appear sharper but you can't resolve more detail. The software in the movies where they get a low definition blob from a surveillance camera and enhance it to a studio portrait of Tom Cruise doesn't exist.

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