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ive been trying to select just the dog from this image for a while now. i played with the channel mixer and found that at high contrast the red channel allowed me to select the dog best, but i still am having great difficulty with the dogs hair out around her legs and head. how would you go about it? it might not be the best image for this as the chair is brown and also the dog is brown. any help would be great.
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I would suggest learning to quick mask technique for simple jobs of for more complex colors try using knockout 2 from coral draw. This a combo of both quick mask, knockout and some cloning all with mutable layers.

Something like this photo their is no simple way a little time is involved depending on how much time and detail you want. For me this was about a 3-5min job.

Much more needs to be done in my opinion but just a sample to show you on what it can look like to give you an idea of what to expect. Adding a background that helps blend in some shadows helps a great deal also.

Good luck
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If you are using Photoshop CS2 then go to Filters -> Extract. Use the bursh tool to outline your subject then use the fill tool to fill the area you want to keep. After you click ok you can then zoom into your image and use the history bruch to replace anything that did not come out right. To finish off, use the background eraser and select the option to save a certain color and choose the color of the dog (make the tolerance low). Then go back and get rid of any other parts that aren't the dog.

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