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I'm trying to take to sunset photos and combine them in photoshop. One exposed for the sky and the other for land. Are you able to use a layer mask in photoshop elements 3.0 or am I going to have to upgrade to CS2, just can't seem to find layer mask anywhere.

I've been happy with elements and can't seem to justify the steep price on CS or CS2

Also any recommendations for a good bulk image resizer. Need to upload a large number and would like them downsized for viewing.

Thank you ahead of time for your advice.


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In PS7, which, I think is pretty similar to PE3 in a lot of ways, the layer mask icon is located on the bottom of the layer palette and looks like a dark rectangle with a hole in the middle. You just click on that and a mask is applied to the active layer.

Here's a link to some good free sample info' on PE3:


If you don't have that icon, you might be able to get a mask by clicking on the adjustment layer icon and just not making an adjustment. Adjustment layers always seem to come with layer masks.


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