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Hi, I'm about to buy a polarizing filter for my Nikon D50 but a friend of mine suggested that I don't and rather process the photo in Photoshop. OK with me but I'm more than a beginner with PS and I don't know where to look to find this filter and/or buy it. I know that many Pshop filters are free but some others came bundled and are not free. Can someone help me with that please.* Thanks a lot. Germain[img]/forums/images/emoticons/confused-smiley-017.gif[/img]
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Karmin, as far as I know, there is no single process in PS that can simulate the effects of a polarizing filter. There are fairly easy ways to get the darker sky/better cloud contrast effect of a polarizer, but nothing removes the "hot spots" that a polarizer does when it lessens/removes reflections from objects in the picture. You can increase the color saturation like a polarizer will, but those pesky white hot spots will still be there. A polarizer can also let you see through the surface reflections on water. PS can't.

Unless you only use the polarizer once in a while, it's faster and easier to get the effects in-camera than try to simulate them later with software.

Check out this link:


This gives you three different methods of darkening a sky in PS. :-)

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Some of the effects of a polarising filter cannot be "simulated" for the simple reason that we use a polariser to eliminate glare. If the glare is not eliminated, the information is not captured. For example shooting thoough glass, shooting through water, etc.

The saturation of color caused by a polariser is really a side effect and you can probably simulate that.

SO if you wish a polariser JUST for saturating color, save your money and use PS. If you want one to shoot through glass or water - You will have to get it.

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