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First, please excuse my English, I'm Danish. Also, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this kind of question.

I just came home after traveling around Japan for two weeks. Just one day before my arrivalI bought my first digital camera (Casio EX-Z1000, quite expensive for a high school student), so I didn't have time to play around with it. I left everything on auto, for the whole trip, as I thought that wouldproduce with some decent pictures. It seems I was wrong.Almost all of thephotos looks too dark.The most sunny days suddently look cloudy and insomepictures weak shadows has become so dark it's hard to see what they cover. The photoslook really depressing, compared to how it really looked. Theyseem almost fine on the camera display though, when set to maximum lightness. What treatment can i give my500 pictures, to make them lookcloser towhat theylook likeon the camera display?

I'm looking for astandard treatment to give all the pictures, as it would be tootime consuming to treat each one individually. Your help will be appreciated.I have no experience with photo correcting or manipulating. Please keep that in mind when explaining the technical stuff. Below are three samples of pictures takenat perfectly sunnytimes (like in the fourth sample, which came out pretty much alright), but look "shadowy".




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These pictureas all look OK to me. Some are paerhaps a little dark in the shadows and lack some contrast due to bright lighting conditions. If you want to convert a large number of pics using identical conditions, I would suggest Irfanview. It has a batch handler that gives a lot of flexibility in the types of processing to perform on each image in the batch list. I think mainly you would want a "gamma" correction to lighten the midtones of the pics, or else a "contrast" increase to extend the luminosity range.
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Dhaerow, First thing I would do is google "monitor calibration" or something like that.
There are lots of sites that provide brightness/contrast test strips and tell you how to adjust the brightness/contrast of your monitor to optimal levels.

Once your monitor is displaying well, your pictures might look more like they do on the camera monitor.

If they still look too dark on average, then you should get an image editing program that offers something like a "one button fix" or at least "auto levels". The program should have batch processing capabilities also. Batch processing will give you the automation that you want, applying the "fix" to all the selected images.

Don't just raise the "brightness" slider on a picture until you get the shadow detail you want and then set up the editing program to do that to all your pictures. The results will not be good. Using something like "auto levels" works much better as it applies different adjustments to each image based on the programs analysis of what that image needs.

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