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I bought ProShow Gold this week and have generally been pleased. But I have two queries that I haven't found answers for.

1. When I want to steady a shot at the end of a zoom etc, the only way I have managed to achieve this is to copy the final frame of the moving shot with a separate still matching the frame of the end of the zoom.

Is this the only way to do this? It seems rather tedious - or is there an option of setting a still frame at the end of a zoom on the Motion Effects window that I'm missing?

2. When I use a "cut" as a transition, I would expect the software to default to 0 frames. However, ProShow Gold doesn't and appears to keep whatever transition duration I've chosen. This means that even though I've chosen "cut", if I have eg 0.7 seconds on the transition duration, the cut appears to happen 0.7 seconds early.For the above procecure in Q1 the shot effectively jumps at the end of the zoom. Do I reallyhave to manually set the cut transition to 0 frames each time I want a cut?
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