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I have a number of photos which I want to resize up. I would like to do an action for this taking it up at 10% increments. Is there any way I can include the 10% increment in the action or do I have to do this manually each time?
Any help appreciated.
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Here's one from The Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers, by Scott Kelby. It lets you assign a function key on your keyboard to this function.

Go under the Window menu and choose Actions>Create New Action. When the New Action dialog appears, name your action "Upsize 110%," and then choose a function key that you want to assign the Action to. Then, click the Record button and repeat Step Two. After you've increased 110%, click the square Stop button at the bottom of the Actions palette to complete the recording process.

Now, every time you hit your assigned key, the open image will be increased by 10%!

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I have three actions for stepped interpolation (SI). I use 5% increments but 10% is almost as good. 10% increments are faster and better if you have limited RAM or a slow processor. I have read articles by pros who use 2% increases, but that is a little too time consuming for me.

I made one action with five 5% increment increases and another action with four of the first action. I can get pretty close fairly quickly. The third action is a single increase and I can just click the run button a couple of times after getting close. No reason to hit an exact resolution for a print IMO. I named the actions 5X 5%, 4X 5X, and 1X. They are all together so I know what they are for. And I use them often enough that I don't confuse myself with my terse nomenclature.

For 10% increments I would probably make an action with three 10% increases and another with three of the first action. So selecting the second action would give you nine 10% increases if you wanted a large upsample. Then you can use the action with the single increase to get close to your target.

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