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Hey all, I have a 5MP camera and I would like to print some larger pictures. So I would like to do two things, first crop the picture until it is in the 3:2 aspect ration, then blow up the picture.

Okay, so heres what I need.

1. Is there any way to get Photoshop to crop off the very minimum amount necessary to put a shot into a different aspect ratio, or do I just need to keep hacking away with the crop tool until I get it right?

2. Can somebody explain to me step by step and in a very idiot-proof manner (I'm new to this software), the best way to process a 5MP image if I plan to make it into a 12" by 18" picture?
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Dude, I don't have PE4, so I don't know how much it has in common with PS7 (which I do have), but try this out for your first question:
Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool, and on the Options Bar that appears you will see boxes labeled Style, Width and Height. Click the little Down Arrow on the Style box and choose Fixed Aspect Ratio from the drop-down menu. Now enter "3" into the Width box and "2" into the Height box.

Now, the selection box that you drag out when using the Rectangular Marquee will always be in a 3:2 aspect ratio. Then, just select the area you want to keep with the Rectangular Marquee, and go to the Image menu and choose Crop. Everything outside the Marquee borders will be cropped.

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