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What is some good editing software that is free?? Where to download it e.t.c:-):-)

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Try Serif PhotoPlus from http://www.freeserifsoftware.com/
The other free Serif programs are recommended as well.

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Well, let's see, you can try www.irfanview.com or www.faststone.org or www.picasa.com as well.
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If you take the time to learn it The GIMP is a good free editor. Like Photoshop the learning curve can be steep but there is lots of free support if you do some research.

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#aptitude install gimp:G
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You might take a look at Helicon Filter Helicon Products: Helicon Filter
once the 30 day trial is over it turns into a freeware version not to mention it is not very expensive for what it does.
Also Photo-Freeware.net - Image Editing Freeware Download Source
is a good site for checking out software.
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1. Backup important images and documents

2. Throw away Windows CDs and don't buy any again (Bill has enough money already) :-)

3. Boot from favorite Linux CD (and most are free for the downloading), use built in partitioning tools to delete existing NTFS partitions, create new partitions for Linux and install the distribution. Or, if you insist on keeping Windows, resize your NTFS parition to make room for Linux partitions, and go dual boot (so that you can choose the operating system to boot into).

I've got my PC setup tri-Boot right now running Windows XP Pro, SimplyMEPIS 6.0 and Kanotix 2006-01-RC1 (released yesterday). I spend *very* little time in Windows anymore.

There are hundreds of Linux based choices available. See http://www.distrowatch.com for more.

4. Restore your documents and images to your new Linux installation

5. Enjoy the use of free software like DigiKam to manage and enhance your images (with other choices available if you have more demanding needs), along with thousands of other software packages designed to do what most users need a PC to do.

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