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Hi Alex,

If you will read what I said you will understand that on "MY" Computer screen your photo is showing to be very RED. I'm sure it is a very good photograph. I went to your other photo's and they are great.

As bad and terrible as you think My pictures are I made a lot of $$$$ with them so they can't be that bad.

I have over 50 or more winning ribbons and awardsfrom Photo and Art shows and I turn down as many assignments that I take.

I do no advertising and I keep as busy as I want to be. I only get assignment by other customers referring me.

I don't really sell any photos on line so I process and save for printing only as a tif at a hi resolution. If I show a picture on Steves or other sites I just cut down the size and send as a very low jpg resolution. I'm sure that will mess up a picture. I'm not about to spend a lot of time on a picture that I'm not going to sell.

I see a lot of pictures displayed on here that look terrible because of the low resolution they have to be sent at but I'm positive they are all very good photographs. Some are truly great looking on here because they were processed to be low resolution in the first place for the web.

It is nice to discuss this with you.

No Flame intended.


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Hi Ronnie,

Lovely photo catching the shutte! Really I love it.

Today NO human faces...,Leaves! for your enjoyment


Alex 007:|
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Old Oct 14, 2006, 9:18 AM   #13
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I never use direct flash on any subject anywhere. I have a nice little softbox that fits over my Sigma flash, called the ThorMicroBox. Lumiquest also make a softbox for hotshoe flashes. These are super for softening the light indoors or out for just the right amout of fill light. The problem with bounce flash, is you do have to have something to bounce the light off of, and it also needs to be white. If you bounce that flash off of a blue wall, you are going to get that blue color cast on you image. Full direct flash does tend to make images look flat, without some post processing to bring them back to life.
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Did u all try using the diffusion dome and direct point to human face? is it will cause the pic flat?
or maybe take out he dome, attach a white card board as a reflector?

agains, thanks for all pro here give me so much info.


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See the first article in this forum for making a FREE and better bounce flash card

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