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rgurds67 Jun 2, 2005 8:55 PM

I recently purchase my Fuji s7000 a couple of months ago, and I want an external flash. I used Vivitar 2800 auto thyristor from my olympus SLR, I'm just wondering if I can use this flash to my Fuji s7000. I tried to use it a couple of times it works but I don't know if I'll use it further. Pls. help, any suggestion is highly appreciated.:??

KCan Jun 3, 2005 7:38 PM

Are you worry about trigger voltage? seems that your flash could have a high one:

You have to check with the manufacturer what's the max voltage your hotshoe can accept.

rgurds67 Jun 3, 2005 9:28 PM

I'm trying to contact Vivitar about the trigger voltage and still waiting for the response, but I contacted Fuji they say that It's okay and they assure me to use it. For me I'm still worried, I might damage my Fuji s7000. Is there any adaptor to lower the trigger voltage? Steve thinks it's okay to use the flash. Anyway thanks for the idea.:cool:

geriatric Jun 4, 2005 5:00 AM

As you have used this flash with an old Olympus it is an old model. The trigger voltage is 140-170. Do not use it, in spite of what Fuji say. Some time ago I had words with a person in N Ireland who had a Fuji 4900. He was a bit worried about his flash, so he contacted Fuji who said it was quite safe up too 400 volts. The ending was he fried his camera and Fuji repaired it gratis. I see that Vivitar are changing there circuitry on the newer models. The new 2800 is Ok and they have tamed the killer 283. The new one is quite safe now.

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