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Hello everyone, I've been a very happy Fuji S2 pro owner for the past 2 years and I've been
enjoying taking pictures of nature and landscapes.

Lately, especially becouse of an increasing number of friends' portrait requests, I had to get a flash; I wanted to remove too high contrast on outside pictures and, of course, provide adequate lightining for indoor shooting.

My father owns a D70, so as soon as the speedlight (SB-800) got home (about a couple of hours ago :-), I've read the manual and tryed it with the D70 (first camera at hand); everything went pretty straight forward (iso, aperture, zoom, etc were passed from camera) and the flash was able to "adjust its settings" (I think this is what i-ttl is) so that I've been able to take a decent picure, just turning on flash & camera and settings camera to P mode and flash to TTL mode.

What I did next, was obviously to mount the speedlight on my Fuji, set the camera mode to P (as on camera manual) and the flash mode to TTL; I was really disappointed when I didn't see ISO, aperture and zoom info on the sb-800 screen coming up... and, more disappointing than that, there seemed to be no exchange of information between camera and flash when shooting... To get a decent shoot, I had to use M program on the camera and just experiment, changing aperture...

Having never seen a working example before, I started to wonder what the TTL should do?!? Isn't it the SB-800 compatible w/ the S2? :?

I felt very disappointed for this, becouse I didn't notice too much difference with the $10 flash that I borrowed from a friend a couple of months ago and used through the flash cable and fuji plug ...I had to set everything manually to get a decent (not good) shot! :evil:

Well, this is my very first flash experience, so I really don't know what to expect and what the S2/SB-800 combination can offer me (is it possible to have everything set up in an auto-fashion mode, at least for the beginning, like it's been on the D70?).

Sorry for the long message, I thought it was a good idea to give you a little bit of background ...I was wondering if there was someone able to give me a couple of hints or provide me with some references (sites, tutorials, specs, settings to use ...everything would be GREATLY appreciated!), so that I can at least understand what TTL does and if it works (or should work) on my camera (which I started to fear might have some problems)...

Thanks a lot for your attention,
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I think that the S2 use the old film era regular TTL protocole, not i-TTL nor D-TTL:




I don't know the SB-800, but it may have a feature to select which TTL mode . In theory, the SB-800 is capable of regular TTL I think from what I read.
In case of frustration, just go get an old good solid Nikon regular TTL (or compatible ) flash gun and you will be satisfied .
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I have used an SB800 on a Fuji S2, Fuji S3, and Nikon D70s with no trouble at all. On the S2 the information is transmitted ok from the camera to the flash. It automatically sets the flash to TTL mode. I see ISO, lens focal length, etc. transferred ok. posures are fine. Don' know what the problem could be with yours but it should work.
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