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Hello, a while ago i was going to buy the Sony HVL-F32X external flash to go with my sony F828 but never really got round to it as i suddenly became very busy all of a sudden. I'm after a quick flash, one that is ready again straight after i have taken the first photo, 2 or 3 seconds max maybe. Is it the HVL-F32X this quick?

Also is there any other flash's that are 100% compatible with the sony F828 that you would suggest i look into?

EDIT: Oh yes i also forgot to mention, i had read somwhere that the HVL-F32X drinks batteries as if its aiming for a world record, is this true? How long/many pictures would i get from a set of 4 maha powerex 2300ma batteries? (estimated of course)

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Hi Danny,

I have the hvl f 32x flash. I LOVE IT. i bought it from b+h photo, and while it didn't get here in the time I paid for... the flash is awesome. I never knew what "bounce" flash photography would do for me. But I found out quickly. I read all the reviews I could get my hands on and alot of it was negative. "it isn't TTL as it preflashes" etc. That is true, but only in mode a. Mode b meters for itself. And I use manual mode the most, as I can see the results immediately, so if you need more light, you can dial it up. Sometimes if you are close you can wash out the subject with the strong flash. It add some weight to the camera (makes your 828 feel like a tank) but I like that because it feels even more "heavy duty" I deliberately used normal maxell AA batterys (alkalines) and got over 200 photos without changing the batteries. There are some beefs with it however. The time between pictures isn't bad, but the first start up time is forever. When you turn the thing on, it takes a good 10 seconds before you can use it... That sucks. I also don't like how, if sony made this flash for the 828, then why did they make the lcd backlighting orange, while the 828 is green. Little annoyances like that... you get the funky hologram grid when shooting in dark areas, when in mode b the flash has its own hologram device, which isn't a grid. Why wouldn't they be the same??

After playing with the flash, I quickly found that I will never use on camera flash again. It just doesn't do the job... And I never found any other flashes that were "compatible" with the sony hotshoe.

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