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tanmh Nov 15, 2005 12:27 PM

I have read a lot about Sunpak 383 in this and other website. Problem is I don't have Sunpak 383, but I have Sunpak 888 AFZ for Nikon. Can I use this model in my FZ20?

In fact I have tried it out that day, but when I clicked on the shutter release, the flash could hardly shoot......only a fraction of light was being released. I was using a set of new batteries by the way.

I read somewhere in this website that there might be something to do with the FZ20's ISO setting. Someone mentioned that if we used a non-Panasonic external flash, we have to manually set the ISO to 100, since the FZ20 is not able to automatically reset the settings. Is this true.

I dare not to try it on my camera for now, fearing that it may damage its internal circuits. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

tanmh Nov 15, 2005 12:29 PM

I have just tried the 888 on my FZ20 again just now - same problem.

I checked the ISO, well, it was automatically reset to 100, but the flash just wouldn't work.

Is there anything to do with the trigger voltage of less than 6V? Thanks.

KCan Nov 15, 2005 7:30 PM

tanmh wrote:

Is there anything to do with the trigger voltage of less than 6V? Thanks.
No, even it's better/safer for the camerato have a low trigger voltage flash

KCan Nov 15, 2005 7:36 PM

tanmh wrote:

......only a fraction of light was being released.
You have a Nikon dedicated flash. One of the pins is the Nikon TTL flash cut off signal pin. I suspect that pin is shorted on the base of the FZ hotshoe, causing the flash to cutoff right after being started.
If in fact that's the cause, you just have to use a plastic sheet to isulate all the pins except the center one. That pin is the trigger (start) pin.

You can also test the flash alone withthe test button (if it has one), or with a wire shorting the center pin to the "ground" connection. The flash is supposed to fire full power.

tanmh Nov 17, 2005 3:04 AM

Thanks so much KCan!

I've tried to insulate all the pins except the centre one, but it still doesn't work. Hmm...that's strange. Thanks anyway. :)

I went around to look for Sunpak 383 just now but none of the shops I went have stock. They offered me Vivitar instead, and asked me to bring along my FZ20 to try out next time. I'm not sure which model was that, but I will only buy when I bring along my camera to test next round.

I find FZ20 a bit "under perform" when shooting door. The picture a bit too soft, and the colour less saturate. Human skin tone also tend to be a bit dull. The internal flash doesn't help much. Nevertheless, outdoor shooting with FZ20 is superb, which I don't have any complaint about.

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