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Hi All: I have the above flash on a 300D Rebel. I use the manual zoom to increase flash intensity (thanks NHL). This has worked out well for me in combination with the Canon 85mm/1.8 lens as the pool where my sons swim for high school is poorly lit. Trying to stop action under these conditions has been a challenge, but I'm slowly getting it. Coincidentally, the 85/1.8 works better for me when compared to my Canon 24-70L under this lighting. I just wish I'd gotten the 85 first so I would have kept my 28-70/2.8 Tamronfor general purposes and saved the L money for a 70-200/2.8 Sigma. Oh well, I 'v always followed the mantra of buy high/sell low!

NHL, you advised me to use the ETTL mode and the manual zoom to 105mm. Using this combination, I've captured some shots that no one of my abilities should have had a right to expect. Just one more flash question though as I can't seem to decipher the instructions very well. There are three ETTL modes, the first being just ETTL, which is what I've been using. The second is ETTL with three 'lightning bolts' under it and 'C1'. The third is ETTL with two bolts and 'C1 SL'. I've been using the straight ETTL but are the other two something I should be thinking about?

Fortunately for everyone, I think this will be my final flash question concerning the 500DG... Ok, I lied. How do I slave the Sigma to the onboard flash? Should I consider setting the Sigma closer to the subject and use the two flashes in combination? Finally getting a rudimentary grasp on shutter speedvs flash duration, I've been shooting at less than 1/100 second for best results at stopping movement. It was a difficult concept for me to grasp, but itis paying off now.

Again, I genuinely appreciate all the help I've gotten here. gary
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