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Default Bower st829tw

Yea I know your post was over two years ago. I guess it shows you how slow I am or should I say OLD I am....LOL

Anyway I agree with you that I need to learn about using a DSLR. I had a Canon 35mm and was able to get great pictures from it. This Olympus is the first DSLR camera I have owned. I guess I didn't know as much about them as what I thought when I first bought it. My video camera is HD digital and it takes great videos. (of course the editing is what makes the videos a memory for whoever watches them)

So to get back to my first questions. Do you know where I can find a manual for the ST829TW or if there are classes on the internet or anywhere else that I can take for learn how to use this DSLR camera that I bought 2 years ago. Also from what I am gathering, my choice of the Bower ST829TW may not have been a good choice at the time I bought it. What should I have bought?

I am not a videographer anymore since I lost by B&B (two years ago) and doing video of weddings was a service for those who wanted a video or for those who wanted a memory of their stay with us while on their vacation around our B&B. So now I just want is to be able to get good quality pictures of my grandkids and other events that we have as a family with this Olympus camera. (it has basically been sitting for two years since I not been happy with the picture quality with the Olympus and have been using a small canon powershort for pictures now). I really do not have a desire to be a professional photographer, so going to photography school isnít a real high priority on the list for me, unless that is the only way to learn about using a DSLR camera.

I am retired so I have time to learn about the Olympus that I bought and would like to learn how to get good pictures from it. Also, The Bower ST829TW doesnít seem to work in the way of flashing at all, the lights light up and it flashes when I turn it off, so there must be something wrong with the way I am trying to use it. This is why I was and am looking for a manual for it.

Thanks for your help and also the help from the other who have replied any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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I see that the American company is indeed called "Bower", but the chance of this being a different company from the German "Bauer" seems remote. Both make/made camera flashes - I have two which clearly show "Bauer". I assume that the name was "americanised" because they were afraid people wouldn't be able to pronounce "Bauer". Anyone any ideas?
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