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I have a Metz MZ 54 flash so my problems are probably mine in the fact that Ido notget it yet on flash, but here goes.

If you are shooting outside and lets say the exposure reads 1/125 at F11 and you just want to fill in the shadows keeping the background correctly exposed, or you are shooting at golden time 1/30 at F 5.6at the beach and you have a wide angle and you want the shell to be shot with flash yet you want to see the sunset,How do you do this.

Can it be done in TTL or must this type of thing be done in manual mode.

My camera is a Pentax Ds by the way.

Thank You,


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If you are relatively close to the subject the DS can do it with its built in flash and P-TTL. After you take the photo you can look at it and adjust the flash up or down to your liking. You can also do it on manual as long as the shutter is set to 1/180 or slower. Ever if you are using a somewhat dumb flash on the hot shoe and setting it all up manually you would be surprised how much latitude you have with a small flash in bright sunlight.

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IMO, since you got the perfect exposure for the general (overall) scene, you can put your flash in auto mode at the same F stop setting.

But I think that you will get what you are looking for with a lower F stop setting of the flash (boosting it more), because the auto sensor of the flash probably grab more light, at a larger view angle than your subject (and think that there are already enough light)

... hum, not sure if I explain the thing clear enough :G
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