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Default Battery pack and/or cable pinout info for external flash

I am looking for some info on the pinouts for the cable that is used to connect the Sunpak 5000AF to an external battery pack.

The flash unit has 3 pins. When I connect a volt meter to two of the pins I get voltage equal to the output of the batteries. When I remove the batteries and connect power to these two pins, the display on the flash unit comes on, but the cap will not charge. I suspect that the third pin (which shows no voltage) is somehow involved in charging the cap.

Does anyone know anything about what needs to be connected to each of the 3 pins? I also have a Canon 550 that also has 3 pins for the external power source connection, so I would guess this flash uses the same connections.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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The Sunpak TR-2000 battery pack would do the trick. I have the previous version of it. However, I would really consider a Quantum battery. The Quantum Battery 1 has 2 outlets so you could power 2 flashes or a camera and a flash. I have 2 of em. The Quantum Turbo series are even higher quality longer lasting batteries. They can put out more voltage and they can power my Quantum QFlash. Either way, you can either get a cord that hooks into the 3-pin outlet you talked about or a battery module that fits in the battery compartment of your flash. I'm not sure, but I think on the 550 you need batteries or the battery module in the battery compartment in order to get TTL to work.
Hope this helps!
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The thing I'm trying to avoid is buying an expensive dedicated battery packs or cable.

I purchased two of the Maha PowerBank units. Turns out they last so long that I only need one for my camera so I have an extra one that I want to use to power my flash.
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