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twofruitz Dec 9, 2005 4:46 AM


Christmas is coming up and im looking at buying a flash for myself for my Canon 300d.

The options i have (price is important, although i'd like something good) is between the

Sigma EF-500 DG Super EO-ETTL - $300AU
Canon 430ex - $380AU
Canon 420ex - $300AU

From what i've been reading, the Sigma is the best option and will be 100% compatible with all my cameras features?

Or should I pay the extra and get the brand new 430EX.

The majority of my shots are just home events, so all i need is a "chuck on" dont worry about flash which works and adjusts automatically.

Thanks for any input.

tuthill Dec 9, 2005 4:39 PM

I'm a long ways from an expert on this but did get a 500DG Super for my 300d a year ago. I've been satisfied with it (used, 160 US dollars off ebay). As far as features go, I can't help much there because I've pretty much used it in the ETTL mode. I did have a Canon 420EX (similar to the 430) but found it to be somewhat wanting at the ranges I was shooting at. That is, from the bleachers at high school swim meets. The 500DG seemed to cure that problem, at least in my shooting situation. For all around shooting, such as in the house, it is head and shoulders better than the onboard flash. This is especially true when I use the bounce feature. Come to think of it though, the 420EX worked well in those situations too.

To me, the concern would be possible future compatabilty issues with the next gen Canon cameras? Given that possiblity however, I'd still buy the Sigma again if I had to do it all over (thanks NHL).

Now, if only the 300d offered a faster flash speed than 1/200...........


E.T Dec 11, 2005 2:38 AM

tuthill wrote:

To me, the concern would be possible future compatabilty issues with the next gen Canon cameras?
Yeah, nothing is nicer than to notice that maker has "changed one bit to other position" so that even though shoe is the same it doesn't work.

In that aspect Metz's MZ-series flashes (/SCA models) are best choises because those have removable adapter and with right adapter same flash can be fitted to pretty much any camera with special flash control functions working.

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