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I use manual mode and set aperture and shutter speed when using flash (either on camera or 580EX). The idea is that you set those values to properly expose the background and the flash figures out the proper power to expose the subject. This works well mostly for fill flash when there is adequate ambient light to match a decent shutter speed and aperture. When indoors though, it is nearly impossible to match a shutter speed that will not produce camera shake with an available aperture (17-85 IS lens). In those cases, I set the values but the meter is indicating underexposure for ambient light and background. Sometimes (often indoors) the background gets exposed well by the flash anyways. Other times only the subject is exposed well since there is inadequate ambient light for the background.

Basically I tend not to pay attention to the meter when using flash for a subject,since it is almost always showing underexposure with reasonable shutter and aperture settings. Is there a better way to accomplish flash metering on manual mode or is this correct? Should I not worry so much about camera shake with the flash or is it better to end up with a dark background??

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Use Tv mode or set manual mode, with a high enough shutter speed to prevent camea shake. Use the flash on EttL and try bouncing it, for overall flash coverage, or try setting a plus 2/3rd or so FEC. You really have to play around with this. If you use Av mode the camera will set a slow speed and the flash will just fill in, not light the whole scene.
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bigboyhf wrote:
Should I not worry so much about camera shake with the flash or is it better to end up with a dark background??
You can use tripod/monopod to minimize background blur and underexposition (by using a slower speed).
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