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I just got a Phoenix 66S pro slave flash and ran a fiber optic wire to the sensor on the flash from the camera's flash, thus using both and isolating other flashes from triggering the slave. Black silicone is setting as I print this, which insures that only thefiber optic wire fed from the A70'sees' the sensor. I tested it and find that when both flashes fire the shot looks like no flash went off at all! When I turn off the slave, the picture looks fine using the camera flash alone. What can be happening here? I'm baffled.:whack: Any genius out there that can explain what is going on? Thanks. If I can't figure it out by tomorrow, I'll remove the wire and try it without it.
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The slave triggers the flash on a single pulse so it works fine with the Nikon 950. Some digicams use a double flash, the first flash is used to set the exposure and white balance. That first "preflash" will trigger the slave and it won't be recycled in time for the actual exposure.
Unless you can disable the preflash on your cam, this slave flash can not be used (Try turn off red eye reduction may be?).
You have to use slave that take into account the preflash, like these one: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...mp;forum_id=53

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I believe you are correct, I do now notice a just discernable preflash on those auto settings, I didn't realize my camera did that. That is the answer alright. Thanks.
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