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Ronnie948 Feb 13, 2007 9:05 AM

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Hi Darren,

Using a continuous light source to light the background may cause your white background to take on the light's color, May be kind of green with fluorescents, or red with incandescents or another color using your halogens. You would want a way to adjust the lights power. TTL will function. You must try out your settings and Write them down. ( include the distance from lights to background) after you get exactly what you want.

I use a Grey Pho-Tek background in a bag so I don't have to worry about color shifts. I set my SB-600 off camera flash even or +1 stop depending if the skin color is dark or a lighter shade when doing Afro-Americans. Photographing Caucasians I just set the second flash to the same as my main. I don't really worry about lighting my background when doing location portraits. I do make very certain I can keep the subjects far enough away from any background to avoid shadows.

And always remember that when shooting more then one person do not let a shadow from one subject fall on another.That is the main reason two light sources should always be used.

After you do it a while you will just seem to know what needs to be used and how to set things up. Even Bill's way of trial & error looking at the camera's monitor will work with enough practice.

There are a lot of lighting tips on the studio lighting post on this forum. You need to read some of them to get a hang of how light acts out on photography.


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