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I'm sure this is a user error issue and I'm not using it right but there is no consistancy in whether the flash fires or not.

I put the sb600 on and whetherthr d80is in auto or manual mode it just seems to flash just every now and then.

I have Thom Hogan's D80 guide and am starting to read up on flash but it goes into long expinations about the differences between a D2, D100, ttl I-TTL, D-TTl whitch kind of sets my head to spinning after a long day at work, cooking and cleaning for the kids and helping with the homework.

So can anyone give me some quick tips or a link or two to get me going on this flash thing until I can dig in to Thoms book.


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If the flash fires without the shutter being released then there is something wrong with either the camera or the flash.

Make sure the shoe on the camera and flash don't have any debris that could short the contacts.

The red button labeled FLASH will fire the flash manually, make sure it isn't jammed down or partway down.

With the SB-600 off the camera and turned on press the MODE and ON/OFF buttons at the same time for several seconds until the display blinks. This will reset the flash back to factory defaults.
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walkngdude wrote:
I put the sb600 on and whetherthr d80is in auto or manual mode it just seems to flash just every now and then.
I don't have any Nikon gear (other than one N4004s film body I still have, and an older 2 Megapixel Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera).

But, are you sure you don't have the camera (or flash settings) on Auto, where it's only firing the flash when the metering thinks light is too low without one? Since the SB600 is probably aware of your camera settings, I'm guessing that it may not fire unless the camera thinks it's needed.

With most camera models, if you go to P (programmed Auto) on the mode dial (or most other modes like Aperture Priority versus full Auto), and set the Flash so that an icon that looks like a lighting bolt appears, the flash will always fire (versus letting the camera decide when to use it).

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