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Default Differences in diffusers

Apologies if this has been covered, but I have a few questions regarding diffusers.

I've been looking at the StoFen Diffuser or Omnibounce and was wondering what if the difference between this and an ebay knock off? They both look like plastic that just goes over the flash to diffuse light.

Between the Omnibounce and a bounce card, which is recommended? Are they used for different situations? I was reading that the omnibounce is nice but just wastes the flash direction by going everywhere compared to a bounce card, which focuses the flash towards a subject.

Anything else I should be looking at?

Enlighten me about this subject if possible. Thanks!
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These all different diffusers, each with a specific application.

The Stofen Diffuser: Thus diffuser can be used for both direct and bounce flash applications. It mounts directly over the face of the flash head. It primary goal is to soften and reduce the flash's light output on the subject. This will soften shadows and the flash's inherent brightness.

The Omni Bounce or the LightSphere: This is a circular globe that goes over the flash head entire rather than just mounting on the face of the flash head. This design was developed by wedding photographer, Gary Fong. It produces a sphere or 360 degree ring of light. It can either be glazed or clear. The glazed model as you would expect, reduces and softens the lighting effect. The clear model outputs more light can can provide light over a wider distance from the sphere coving the flash.

This flash diffuser is very effective in providing enough light to easily photograph large groups that are common at wedding receptions.

Both diffusers reduce the light output of any external flash. Therefore, they must e used with high light output external flash units.

Sarah Joyce
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The stofen diffuser the more multirole system on the market. If you get an external flash that swivel and tilts. You can set up a direction bounce flash.

The omni bounce a very good system for wedding photographer in their environment.
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