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hello i,m new i have got a olympus c-750 and fujifilm s3000 digital cameras and have just bought a

SUNPAK Digital Camera External Digital Slave Flash have i done the right thing? will it work? as i take photos in low light (indoors concert halls etc ) they are notclearand they are not blurred most of them any way or would i be better off buying a new camera but which one? it has to have a good optical zoom and pixels i would like to get crisp clear photos but i dont want anything that looks too flash (then i came across this fab site )any information will be greatly appreciated

thank you jean:?:angry::love::G
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I don't know about the Fuji, but I do know about the C-750 (being a C-700 user), and the C-7xx cameras have a preflash, the internal flash fires at low power ~100ms before taking the picture (and firing the internal flash at full power) to set things like white balance, etc.

If your slave flash isn't set (or designed) to recognize the preflash, it will fire for the preflash and be dark for the main flash. If you head to the following page and look for the section called "Slave Flashes", it shows the Sunpak digital slaves and you notice with the 2500 camera those flashes are dark due to that camera's preflash:

It is possible to use a slave flash with the preflash IF that flash is design to recognise preflashes, for instance like my Metz 34-CS2 Digital shown in this picture being triggered by my C-700 (if it didn't work the flash would have been dark for this photo):

Another thing about flashes is the amount of power they emit, measured by their "guide number" (GN). On some sites I've found the Sunpak GN to be 15m which all that powerful...for instance my Metz is 34m. Here's a shot I took with my Metz slave in total darkness:

That's some food for thought...nothing's wrong with your camera, just a bad flash choice for the C-750 (especially considering it has a hot shoe).
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thank you for your reply i am not famiular with external flashes but i had seen that you can buy accessories and external flashes being one of them have i made the wrong choice which one would work (has to be not to expensive to buy)

thank you:-)
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