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JimG90 Jan 28, 2005 11:22 AM

I have seen several messages here that recommend the Quantaray QAF 6600 for the Coolpix 8700.

But I was wondering whether anyone had successfully tried it with the Coolpix 8800 and whether it works automatically with the CP 8800.


SA Flyer Feb 21, 2005 12:23 AM

My response is not related to combining this flash with the CP8800, but it might help if you are thinking about getting the QAF6600. Its price $60USD is attractive. I would assume that the price goes hand in hand with the technology that it was designed for.

I have utilized the QAF6600 on the Digital Rebel/300D and it produced some pretty poor results. Very dark photos. This flash is designed for a film camera, and if I have memorized the literature, the CP8800 is not mentioned among the list of Nikon cameras that it lists. In fact, no digital camera models were listed. The listed cameras all seem to be older models. Check out the site for its specifications. Ritz seems to carry a lot of Sigma products with the Quantarray brand name on them. They still work. But do check out website stores such as Adorama and B&H.

I was told that it takes its reading off of something referred to as the film plane and not the sensor. It is listed as a TTL-capable flash, but I won't guarantee that it will work satisfactorily with a CP8800. Which should be a more advanced camera. I was considering the CP8800 if I could not get the Digital Rebel. To me, the CP8800 appeared to "have it all" if the user did not want to fiddle with lenses, etc. I had a few Canon lenses that could be carried over onto the DReb.

You might want to consider the Sigma EF-500 Super for a Nikon shoe. It's suppose to be a super piece of equipment and at about $175 USD, it is quite a bargain. Check out the Sigma site for thorough information. Anything else lower-priced may, or may not, work out for you. Just consider that it is a one-time purchase that you won't be kicking yourself in the _ _ _ for later.

Good luck.

San Antonio Flyer

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