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I just bought a Sigma EM-140 DG today and feel pretty let down as it's sold as a ring flash but only really emits light from two points on the ring, in turn only giving me a shadow either side. What I'm actually after is a flash that will give an even distribution of light around the whole ring.

The main alternatives seem to be the Canon which may be out of my budget or the Sunpak. There are also cheap and cheerful ones I'm seeing on ebay and Amazon.

If you have a flash that you are happy with please let me know which model, where you got it and how much you paid.

Thank You
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It does seem odd that a $300 ring flash would have just 2 flash tubes. They look for all the world like a couple of the cheapo tubes used in point-and-shoot cameras.

Do you actually need flash? If not, I'd go for an old-fashioned ring light, usually a single fluorescent light source that's formed into a ring.

I see some right-now ring lights that are based on LEDs, but bright LEDs are point sources. I'm guessing you'd just get a bunch of shadows unless the LEDs are packed in so densely they almost touch each other.


p.s., there's "Samigon" fluorescent ring light on ebay that has an accessory light diffuser... looks like one of those milky-translucent plastic drink cups. It forms a hood around the outside diameter of the ring unit, a sort of built-in soft reflector. You might be able to cobble up something similar for the Sigma out of a plastic milk jug. Might help.
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I have the Samigon Halo-Light FRL-1 and use it for my flower shots, seems to work fine. Just can't use zoom, because you will get shadows in the corners.
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Thanks for your advice. I've found a second hand Sunpak ring flash that has a single circular element that is getting the results I'm after.
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