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edversyp Jan 12, 2005 8:29 AM

Could someone tell me if the Canon Powershot A85 can accept an external flash?


KCan Jan 12, 2005 6:27 PM

Your camera does not have hotshoe or PC jack, so you have to use a slave flash. There are many on the market, some use a learning mode (you may have to make it learn each time you turn on to use it with the camera) or some kind of switch to select 0,1,2 preflash ... .

Some example here (there are more on the market)

Vivitar DF200:
Phoenix D91/92-BZS:
SR Electronics Digislave:

some discussion on the topic:;forum_id=53;forum_id=54;forum_id=53

edversyp Jan 12, 2005 7:40 PM


Thanks for your response. Allthough I have quite some experience with 35 mm reflex cameras, digital photography is completely new for me (I am over 62 years of age). Could you tell me in short how a slave flash works. Meaning to say: "How is a slave flash connected to a digital camera and is every digicam capable of hosting such a slave flash"?

Thanks and regards.

KCan Jan 12, 2005 9:12 PM

Hi Edversyp,
You are welcome.
The digital camera virage is pretty like the word processor versus the type writer isn't it? :G
With the digital camera, the functional aspect andconcept did not change much ( ASA, F, speed , flash sync , front /rear curtain…)

The majority of digital camera don't have hotshoe or PC sync terminal , and is equipped with a small integrated flash, insufficient for many occasions and situations.
Slave flash is just like generic flash in the film time equipped with an optical sensor to capture the flash burst from the camera's flash, like sometimes we use a slave cell to connect to a normal flash in the film time.
Also …
The digital cameras also introduce the preflash thing (lots of compact film cameras also have this preflash) ; digital use this ( or these) preflas(hes) to set white balance, to reduce red eye …

That's the reason why there are slave flash for digital camera on the market.

- A slave flash is not electrically connected to nothing
- Any camera , film or digital, with a flash can use a slave flash (but with a film camera, you gonna see the effect only after processing , so surprise is possible… )
- The slave flash see the burst from the camera flash and this trigger it to fire, contributing to light up the subject.
- The slave flash for digital camera on the market have someway to select 1,2 or no preflash to fit the majority of cameras.
- As you see by the specs, they can have manual partial power and auto settings just like normal generic flash.

edversyp Jan 12, 2005 9:24 PM

Thanks for your kind cooperation. Now I understand from where the word "Slave" is coming anf how it's working. That will do it...thanks again.

Bye the way it seems to me that people in Montreal Canada are are very often very cooperative. I remember I was asking questions about WindowsXp in another forum one year ago. I was then fully enlightened by a person also from Montreal Canada.

Thanks once more, Regards, Bye...

w4wb Jul 12, 2005 11:31 PM

When I was looking for an external flash to use with my Optio S5z camera, I read a number of comments about various flashes. After some consideration, I finally decided that the Phoenix D91-BZS had the features and characteristics I desired. I noticed that there were both positive and negative reports.

I ordered the D91-BZS (better choice IMO over the D-92) from B&H. After I received it, I had it running with my Optio just fine. It helps to read the manual, which is reasonably clear. I worked fine with the single flash or red eye settings. I found that it has an autodetect feature that allows the flash to "learn" the behavior of your camera. You have to set the switch to DETECT and then flas the camera in the manner you plan to use it. The green "detect" LED glows for about a second when it understands your camera. You then move the switch from DETECT to 2/N. No problems! :-)

It has four different "zoom" light levels or flash ranges. I like the HOLD feature it offers to allow you to use the flash in a mode to ignore other people's flashes. SImple and easy to use.

Both the included stand and camera bar function just fine.

I am very pleased with the D91 so far and would recommend it based upon this sample of one. Again, I do encourage a new owner to read the manual carefully or else it is likely you will have problems having the D91 to work properly.

geriatric Jul 13, 2005 1:25 AM

A slave flash can be any flash fitted with a sensor,be it small or studio. You cannot use the internal flash of the camera,due too its preflash . Fitting a small external flash is one method of triggering the slave flash , but even the smallest of flash`s can have a high trigger voltage. I have a small flash that takes twotriple Abatteries,but the trigger voltage is over 200 volts. You can adhere some red celophane over the flash too cut down the flash power. I submitted a shot of an external flash with the flash mentioned previously. it sits on top of my gizmo that has a male hot shoe for slipping into the camera hotshoe. As an external flash it only fires once with no preflash. This gives complete protection. A previous member states that members from Canada are the most friendly, I couldn`t agree more. The only replies I ever received were from Canada. It seems too me that all these penis pullers (WANKERS) from the States are either too thick or too snobbish too reply. This is my last post too this forum :blah:

geriatric Aug 4, 2005 3:02 PM

I am calling it a day, give all this forumming up. I will spend 50% of my money on wine, women and gambling. The rest I will just waste.


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