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I hanker to buy Lumix FZ 20,but I have read about ' its weakness' where LCD screen becomes darken when used in low light.
Despitefully I wish to ask about external flash usage with the manual mode: whether LCD screen / EVF (electronic viewfinder) becomes darken/dark ? (eg. flash exposure1 / 60 second f / 8 , available light exposure around 1 / 2 second f / 8}.
If yes,how to overcome the problem?
Thanks for your suggestion.:?
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I use a Sunpak 433D, which I aleady had, with my FZ10.

Yes, in Manual mode with the 433D, the screen gets very dark from f2.8 thru 8.0 at say 1/60. To overcome this design feature of Panasonic's, I set the camera in Aperature priority Mode and sometimes in Shutter priority Mode if motion is involved. In these two modes the screen stays bright (as if you were in P Mode) and I adjust the power level output (full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16) of the flash to match the distance to the subject.

For people pics, I prefer aperature priority because, for example, I'm usually shooting at f8.0 & 1/60, ISO100, full power on the flash & 15 feet to the subjects. But when I move in to say 10 feet, I decrease the power to 1/2. More important to me, I maintain my depth of field for sharpness at f8.0.

Disadvantages are the fixed 1/60 in aperature mode and the fixed f2.8 in shutter mode. :sad:

Hope this helps you in making a decision. The FZ10 lens is all it's cracked up to be...Harvey:-)
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