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I bought the Olympus C 770 partially because of its hot shoe. Now I am having a hard time finding a 3rd party flash unit or even a flash trigger to work. Does anyone have any ideas or directions to pursue?

thanks, john the toymaker

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There's a few issues which I'll hit one by one:

If you can't get an external flash to work properly on the hotshoe, it could be that you damaged it by using an old flash that has too high a trigger voltage; many flashes had a voltage exceeding 100 volts on the hot foot, my Starblitz which operated on 2AAs had a voltage of 227V...many digicams like no more than 6V on the hot foot. Some resources:

With manual or automatic (non-TTL) flashes (the type that only have one pin on the bottom), the C-7xx has to be in M (Manual) exposure mode. With these flashes you have to set the shutter speed and exposure to the chart on the back of the flash. There's a section called, "Using commercially available external flashes" in the reference manual that's on the CD that came with the camera.

With Olympus-TTL flashes (Olympus brand or third party), you don't need to worry about all that...the camera and flash talk to each other and you don't have to worry about settings, or compatibility.

Here's a list of flashes that can be used with the C-7xx:
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