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arowana Jun 11, 2004 12:10 AM

On several websites I have noticed people saying and specs saying something about getting only 250 flashes out of these flashes. Is that before the batterys need charging or is that all the flashes you get out of these things. Kind of exspensive for only 250 flashes. Hell I can take 250 flashes in one day. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

steve Jun 11, 2004 1:11 AM

That's shots per set of charged batteries, not the life of the flash.

arowana Jun 11, 2004 6:13 AM

Whew!!!!! Thats a relief. I thought I was going to have to shell out a couple hundred bucks every week or so.. Just wondering, is there any other swivle flashes besides the olympus ones that will work on my camera?

thanks a million

Mikefellh Jun 11, 2004 1:22 PM

arowana wrote:

Just wondering, is there any other swivle flashes besides the olympus ones that will work on my camera?
You should ask this in the Olympus forum as not many Oly users will venture outside of the dedicated forum, and non-Oly users will avoid this topic as it says "Olympus 750" as they don't know or don't care about it.

The best mate for the camera is the FL-40 and FL-50 (avoid the FL-20, not worth the money as it's a fixed flash with no focus assist beam (very important in low light shooting). There are other options, but they don't work 100% with the Olympus TTL language. There a few Metz options (not cheap) and you have to buy the proper module with the flash to make it work with your Olympus camera. There's also Promaster DX flashes (which you can only buy in the States, they don't export, not even to Canada), again you have to buy a module to make the flash compatbile with your camera but with the Promaster the focus assist beam doesn't stay on long enough for the camera to focus.

RedBear Jun 13, 2004 8:24 AM

arowana, this is your lucky day.

Mike, I have to disagree about the FL-20 flash being worthless. It all depends on what you want a flash for. It does have limited range but there will be a lot of situations where you can just pull it out of a pocket and use it to get a better range than the on-camera flash (I own a C-750). It's about the smallest flash you can find, so it's very portable. If you go hiking and like to do some macro work it's great.

Plus if you pick up the FL-CB05 hot-shoe to hot-shoe cable you can even use it off the camera as a bounce or side-fill flash (this works for the c-750; for cameras without a hot-shoe you'll need one of the other cables like the FL-CB01 and bracket for TTL connections). I'm just an amateur but the FL-20 has come in very handy for me on many occasions simply due to the fact that I always have it with me because it's so small. Plus it's cheap. Most places have it for around $129. You probably won't be finding a used one on eBay. They are just too cool to part with. ;)

As for other flashes for the Olympus, I did find mention recently of some compatible third-party flashes after looking around for months. Check out the following pages or do a google search for "olympus ttl flash promaster metz" (without the quotes):

Basically both Metz and Promaster make a series of flashes that connect to interchangeable camera modules to make the flash head compatible with different types of cameras. They will supposedly give you full TTL-auto exposure capability.

Also supposedly the C series cameras with hot-shoes are compatible with regular "standard" flashes, but the camera has to be in full manual mode and the one "standard" flash I own doesn't appear to work well with my C-750, so I've kind of given up on trying to use anything but a fully TTL compatible flash. YMMV, and good luck.

Kris F.

arowana Jun 14, 2004 9:00 PM

Thanks for the info RedBear. I just purchased a FL-50 from 17th Street Photo yesterday. But after I bought it I read on a post site that it didnt work as well on his C-8080 as the FL-40 did. So we will see how it works on my C-750.

Thanks again for all the info.

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