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I cannot find any information about the AF illuminator other then it is there on the list of features. Can anyone share their experiences with it in the real world as to how effective it is?

I am currently using the FL-20 and I am thinking about upgrading. I have heard various stories as to the workings of the AF beam on the FL-40 (some good, some not). My Olympus C-5000 camera has no AF illuminator. Cananyone tell me will it work on my camera and does it stay on while the camera is locking focus? And what does it look like, an orange or red grid or just a dot? can it be turned on in slightly better lighting or does it only come on automatically in very dim light? Can the AF illuminator be disabled? Now for the really dumb question (forgive me). Does it shut off when the shutter is completely depressed right before it snaps the shot?

I keep wondering if the overall focus would improve (or lesstime until my camera locks the focus)in lower lightusingmy c-5000 with the AF beam on the FL-36or theFL-40? And can it be used in the Program -Aperture preferred mode? It seems that the FL-40 can be had for cheaper as it is older and the only difference for my sake is the bulkier size. I should also say that I know little about external flash photography except to turn it on TTL auto, auto, or manual and enjoy!

I use the Olympus WCON-08 wide angle converterthat I purchased onebay for about $35(mounted with a sony 37mm tube and a generic 37-55mm adapter ring....I get an addition 20% in all directions bringing the wide angle to a nice 30mm with no fisheye type of bending)!

The AFilluminator (along with the zooming ability) are the twoonly reasons why I would upgrade over the fL-20



c-3040, c-5000

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