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Hi I am not a photographer, however I am trying to learn a little so as I can show some interest in my wifes hobby.

She owns a S7000 Fuji and uses an external flash gun (Jessops 280D Digital)

My question is

I realise flash is essentially used to brighten a subject....................

What is the purpose of a flash gun - is it to provide extra light or is it to produce a more natural picture. When I look at the results of a picture taken with the cameras flash and the same picture with an external flash the only difference I can see is the wuality of the picture - no larger an area seems to be illuminated using the external.

Many thanks for your tollerance
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External flashes are much more powerful. The flash on my Panasonic cannot fully illuminate a moderately dark 10 foot from subject scene. The Sunpak 383 currently in the mail can work at up to 50 feet at f2.8 and ISO 100. Also, external flashes can be positioned or set up to bounce the light, and add-ons can be purchased. These can soften/bounce/redirect the light in such a way as to appear more natural. The flash from a camera can do none of these and is fully automatic (you can't adjust power, it's up to the camera).
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Tacticalnuke, I have a sunpak 383 and your going to like it!

A flash can be used for several purposes:

- to draw the subject out away from the background

- to light up the subject when the background is bright

- to generally light up a dark scene

The advantage of an external flash is

- external flash is more powerful

-works off a separate set of batteries so it doesn't draw down your camera batteries

- keeps the viewfinder free and clear while the flash recharges. Most cameras will "blank out" the viewfinder while in the inbuilt flash recharges. With an external, you can be composing your next shot while the flash recharges.

For me, flash photography took my images to the next level. I still do natural light photography, but flash has it's definite uses.

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