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jefftaz Mar 20, 2004 2:09 AM

Flash Help Needed

I would like to be able to take nice portrait pictures at home with my digital rebel of family. I know that I will need a external flash. Based on recommendations here on the forum I am leaning towards picking up the Sigma 500 DG Super.

Upon reading up on portrait picture taking it seems that a photo umbrella may be a good purchase.

So here is my question:

Can I use the Sigma 500 DG Super from the camera to the photo umbrella? I do not care if it is attached by wire to the camera. I know that I could do it wirelessly using the Canon ST-E2 but that is out of my price range. Is there other options like getting a cheap flash that will wirelessly slave the Sigma 500 DG Super that is attached to the umbrella?

Also will one Sigma 500 DG Super on the umbrella give enough light to shoot an indoor portrait? Or am I looking at needing at least 2 umbrellas with flashes? I am in no means looking to set up a professional studio - just enough to take some nice in home portraits.

I would like to keep the total cost under $300. I looked at B&H's site and did this pricing so far:

Sigma 500 DG Super = $179.99
40 inch photo umbrella = $39.99
Flash attachment to photo umbrella = $29.99
Total cost so far = $250

Is there a option that will allow me to hook the Sigma 500 DG Super to the photo umbrella for about $50?

Thanks for any help - I need it! :lol:


eric s Mar 20, 2004 2:06 PM

You might want to ask this question in the flash (studio) section. It sounds more like you're asking about studio equipment.


cowboy43 Mar 23, 2004 7:14 PM

Before you go with the SIGMA flash you may want to PM Normcar I see in another post he had some problems with this flash....

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